Cloud Computing for Small Business Owners

The idea of cloud computing for small business owners is a relatively new one, but one that most experts predict will catch on quickly. And, given the tremendous money-saving potential and flexibility provided by integrating cloud computing services into the workplace, how could it not?

Cloud Computing for Small Business Today
Based upon the results of a Techaisle survey conducted in 2010, a mere 37% of all small business owners know what cloud computing is. Even more astonishing is that, even among the estimated 29% of businesses that are currently using cloud technology, a sizable portion of them do not realize it.

Indeed, it seems as if cloud computing for small business is in a sort of Dark Ages where the majority of small companies are needlessly shelling out money each month to maintain outdated IT systems and software. This unnecessary cost not only adversely affects the bottom line, but also hamstrings small businesses as they attempt to keep pace with an increasingly internet-based world.

The Future of Cloud Computing for Small Business
There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, as most industry experts predict that the global market for cloud technology will increase from its current $8 billion, to approximately $14 billion by 2014. The engine for this growth as it relates to small businesses is expected to be something referred to in cloud parlance as SaaS – Software as a Service.

SaaS offers the opportunity to use the latest software for a relatively small monthly fee in place of traditional desktop software that requires a one-time purchase (usually at a hefty price tag) followed by additional periodic charges as updates become necessary. Software conflicts and poor system performance are also reduced by SaaS cloud computing solutions because most cloud computing companies that offer the service strip down their software for maximum effectiveness.

Best of all, cloud computing services like SaaS are available to business owners and their employees anywhere they can find an internet connection. Gone are the days of waiting until you’re back in the office to run certain applications. As cloud solutions become integrated into more work places, services like SaaS will increase productivity and efficiency in ways that we could only dream of in the past. The future of cloud computing for small business is a bright one indeed.

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