Personal Cloud Storage For All

Personal cloud storage is one of the fastest growing segments of the booming personal cloud computing market. Thanks to a wide variety of innovative new products and services, it is now possible for consumers to design their own custom cloud environment where they can store personal data, music and videos and even share them with friends, family and colleagues.

Advantages of Personal Cloud Storage
Although the traditional perception of cloud storage is simply of a data backup service, today’s cloud storage providers offer a far greater range of benefits. Not only do cloud storage services continue to back up your data files on multiple servers to guarantee that nothing gets lost, offer multiple restoration points and synchronize your files so that changes can be seen on multiple computers simultaneously, but many of them are specially tailored for personal users.

Among the user-friendly, personal cloud storage features one can find from cloud computing companies like SugarSync, Amazon and Microsoft are:

Free cloud storage (usually in small, introductory sizes)
Easy streaming and sharing of video, music and pictures
Seamless synchronization with mobile devices
These popular features allow fans of cellular technology and mobile gadgets to easily upload and share files from anywhere at any time. Whether on vacation, at work or just going about your daily routine, this capability takes the concept of social media and networking to a whole new level.

Choosing a Personal Cloud Computing Service
When choosing a personal cloud computing provider, the most important things to consider are the type of access you will need (i.e. mobile or remote), the type of file sharing you want to do, and how much security you require. Of course, the monthly fee for the service is a consideration as well, but it is critical that you first determine whether or not a provider can fulfill your needs before getting into pricing.

SugarSync, Amazon and Microsoft generally hit a home run for personal cloud users in each of the aforementioned categories. That is not to say, however, that the multitude of other cloud providers do not offer high-quality services – clearly, they do. Consumer reviews for 2011 do, however, generally reflect the highest levels of overall customer satisfaction with those three companies.

The Future of Personal Cloud Storage
While the majority of cloud computing services are still geared toward enterprise (i.e. business) users, a great deal of innovation has taken place in just the last year that is opening doors like never before for personal cloud users. With these innovations come increased accessibility, speed, reliability and security for consumers. Price remains an obstacle to many personal users, but this too is changing as several providers have made it a priority for 2012 to beat their competitors significantly on the cost of providing personal cloud storage.

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