Reviewing the Best Unlimited Online Storage Providers

Unlimited online storage is offered by a number of cloud computing companies, and often at surprisingly affordable rates. With that said, there are some significant differences in the quality, and price, of the service offered by different cloud storage providers. When it comes to value delivered in their unlimited storage plans, however, most consumers agree that four companies stand above the rest.

Top 4 Unlimited Online Storage Providers
The following companies consistently rank ahead of the competition on the basis of affordability and features offered in their unlimited storage services. All pricing is as of November 2011.


With no storage limits on its service since the company’s inception, MyPCBackup has always been synonymous with unlimited online storage. Despite a massive influx of new competitors, the company remained top dog in 2011 by offering unlimited space for just $4.95/month on two-year plans (rates increase to $6.95 and $9.95 for one-year and six-month plans respectively). Each account comes with free automated backups, data synchronization for multiple computers, and security encryption software.


Although Mozy comes up short in features when compared to many other cloud storage services (e.g. Mozy does not support mobile access), its friendly price point makes it tough to beat. With unlimited storage for just $5.99/month, the service provides more space-per-dollar than any other company in the industry. Standard features include regularly scheduled backups and private file sharing.


The biggest things that ElephantDrive has going for it are its free trial program (which allows every new user to sample the company’s service risk-free) and its competitive price on unlimited storage. At $9.95/month for unlimited space, the service is fairly priced for a collection of features that includes excellent security and private file sharing capabilities.


For customers who are willing to commit to a long-term plan, Carbonite provides a great yearly service rate. Its $4.92 monthly fee on one-year contracts is by far the cheapest in the industry and the service’s list of features includes scheduled backups, remote access and data encryption security.

Is Unlimited Online Storage Really “Unlimited”?
In the case of the four companies mentioned in this article, the answer is “yes – for now”. As the amount of storage space required by HD videos and other digital files continues to increase, however, some companies (e.g. Mozy) are hinting that their unlimited storage plans may eventually be discontinued. As unthinkable as it may seem, the storage space available on even the largest companies’ servers is actually disappearing. For that reason, it is highly likely that unlimited online storage may be numbered, so we should all enjoy it while we can!

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