Free Cloud Computing Software

Free cloud computing software is available to perform a wide variety of Software as a Service (SaaS) functions. These include everything from online cloud storage and digital file management applications, to antivirus protection for your computer. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the various types of cloud services you can use right now, free of charge.

Types of Free Cloud Computing Software
While most personal cloud computing users think of free cloud storage as being the technology’s only cost-free offering, the truth of the matter is that a large number of service providers now offer limited SaaS applications as well. Generally speaking, free programs perform one of four primary tasks.

Data Storage

Most cloud providers now offer limited free storage as a way of introducing prospective customers to their service. The user is usually given access to 2 GB or less of online storage free, and is then enticed to upgrade to a paid account through occasional reminders about the added features, etc. offered to paying customers.

Photo and Video File Editing and Management

With the ever-increasing consumer need for photo and video file storage, sharing and editing, a number of cloud computing companies have begun offering free applications to meet this demand. Among the capabilities offered by these programs are photo album creation and organization, photo editing, video creation and editing, and social media integration that allows sharing images and videos via popular services like Twitter.

Antivirus Software Protection

As opposed to the traditional approach of buying anti-virus protection and installing it onto your computer hard drive, users now have the option of protecting their systems with server-based security software. Created by Panda Security, the Cloud Antivirus application is able to detect, fix and prevent problems associated with malware in much the same manner as a store-bought program would.

GPS Software

Rivaling cloud storage for the most popular of the free cloud computing software services available, Global Positioning Satellite applications, or GPS as they are usually called, allow the user to access maps and directions from almost anywhere in the world.

The Future of Free Cloud Computing Software
The past few years have seen a remarkable surge in free cloud services offered, but that is likely to pale in comparison to what the future will bring. Traditional mainstays like Microsoft Office are expected to eventually be offered through SaaS, as well as a host of other programs that have historically dominated the client-server based software industry. Indeed, free cloud computing software may soon force consumers and businesses alike to completely rethink their technology-based needs.

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